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Save Your Internet - Call for a Pan-European Day of Protests on 23 March!

The planned EU copyright reform constitutes a massive threat to the free exchange of opinions and culture online. Together, on 23 March 2019 we call for a Europe-wide day of protests against the dangers of the reform.

Article 13 will lead to the use of error-prone and costly upload filters, as the demanded pre-emptive identification of alleged copyright violations is not feasible any other way, even if the term "upload filter" is not used in the wording of the law explicitly.
Upload filters will block legal expressions of opinion and creative contents, as automatic systems cannot accurately distinguish legitimate uses from copyright infringements. The intended safeguards are not sufficient to prevent such erroneous filtering.
Smaller platforms would see their existence under threat, as many of them fall within the scope of Articles 11 and 13 (or must at least fear being included), regardless of whether copyright violations are a problem on these sites and apps today, or whether they have the resources to actually fulfil their newly-imposed obligations.

We support the rights of all creatives and are in favour of a modern copyright as well as a democratic regulations of market-dominating digital giants. However, the reform in its current form will do more harm than good for the people in the European Union. Therefore it must be rejected.

We appeal to the Members of the European Parliament to vote against Articles 11 and 13.

Support our call, organise local protests and and join this Europe-wide civic movement.

Find an overview of the planned protests here:

    Organizations wishing to support this call should send us an email with their logo to [email protected]

    On the following map you will find an overview of all demonstrations planned throughout Europe.
    If there is no city near you, you are welcome to register your own demonstration - of course we will support you!
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at Discord!

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