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In protests against parts of the currently much discussed copyright reform, and in particular Articles 11 and 13 (also known as "link tax" and "upload filter") of that reform, for March 21st, 2 days ahead of the Europe-wide Major demonstrations, so-called "blackouts" are planned:

The supporters of these actions think that the planned reform will massively curtail freedom of expression, access to free knowledge and the right to information diversity on the Internet - and all that without real improvements for creative people (artists, journalists, authors, ...), who deserve a real copyright reform with real improvements!

Therefore, as a sign of protest, it will be shown already on the 21st how our Internet, which lacks many of the free content, would look like!

Besides many smaller websites and forums, the German Wikipedia probably one of the most renowned supporters: After a vote under several hundred Wikipedia authors has been decided to switch off the entire German Wikipedia for one day as a sign of protest!

Our appeal to the MEPs, who in a few days will talk and vote about the reform and therefore the future of the Internet as we know and love it.:

Please listen to the millions of votes on the petition, the demonstrations, the open letters! These are your voters! Those who have to live with your decisions and their consequences. Please don't ignore them!

If you have your own website, you are invited to do the same and join the action!

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