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About us

Who are we?

Behind is a large and diverse group of people who all share the same goal: Saving the Internet. Our group has come together via the Internet, but our members live and work all over the German-speaking region. We are acting completely impartially and distance ourselves formally from all political orientations. As a free group of Internet activists, we are economically independent and are constantly expanding our reach. However, we pay very close attention to the anonymity and security of our members.

How do we work?

Our group is organized through various websites and in constant contact with each other. Our people are active on the streets handing out flyers, making phone calls with politicians, journalists and influencers, organizing demos and information stands or taking care of the website, videos and advertising material. We pursue a purely factual policy and would like to inform people first and foremost about what changes to the law are planned and what effects they will have. It does not matter to us which Member of Parliament is proposing these amendments.

Where do we perform?

Besides our website we are also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. In addition, our members are on the road to inform people with stands and flyers.

How are we financed?

Our campaigns are financed both by the self-financing of the initiators and by the private means of our activists. We were not on anyone's payroll and we reject this for the future. The work of our activists is purely honorary and takes place exclusively in their private free time in order to bring the contents of our campaigns closer to the population.

How can you reach us?

The direct way is the imprint, the corresponding link is at the bottom of the page. Of course we can also be contacted via our other websites, you will find the corresponding links in the upper left corner of our website.

How can you support us?

At present, we see no need for action and therefore do not need any support at present. But who knows what the future will bring. If you want to support us, check back here regularly. As soon as we need help again, something else will be written here ;)

We at distance ourselves from any illegal activities! We neither support illegal activities, nor do we commission them.